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I'm Allie, Your New Design Friend.

At ALD, we believe in the transformative power of a thoughtfully designed space to enhance your overall well-being.

I'm Allie, the founder and lead designer. I'm passionate about creating environments that not only captivate the eye but also nurture the soul. My purpose in life is to help others thrive by creating beauty + happiness in their everyday life and business.

Our philosophy revolves around harmonizing your physical surroundings with your mental and emotional well-being.
Each design decision is intentional, aiming to create a sanctuary that rejuvenates, inspires, and uplifts.

We are an empathetic, comprehensive, and conscious perspective in interior design. An intentional approach allows us to foster genuine living and connectivity to an individual's space.

Our story

The story behind the foundation of our design firm

From precision to passion, Allie's career transition from dental hygienist to interior designer epitomizes the art of following one's heart. With a background steeped in meticulous care and attention to detail acquired over eight years in dental hygiene, Allie was drawn to a different canvas—one where creativity and wellness intersected seamlessly. Armed with her trained skills of precision and health, she embarked on a journey to cultivate spaces that not only reflected her clients' personalities but also nurtured their well-being.

Allie embarked on a new path that seamlessly blended her expertise with her passions. Armed with a desire to create meaningful environments that nurtured both the body and soul, she transitioned into the world of interior design. Here, she found a canvas where her meticulous attention to detail could merge harmoniously with her innate creativity.

Driven by a mission to promote well-being through thoughtful design, Allie embarked on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth. With each project, she channeled her passion for creation into spaces that not only looked beautiful but also fostered a sense of calm and contentment.

Our Mission

At the core of Allie Lauren Design's philosophy lies a commitment to meaningful work beyond aesthetics. Each project is approached to ensure that clients feel seen and have their brand or personality authentically represented. More than just designing spaces, Allie Lauren Design aims to cultivate environments that set clients up for a future brimming with success, serenity, and contentment.

"Our ultimate goal is to create spaces that bring out the best version of our clients," states Allie. "We believe that by crafting environments tailored to their unique needs and aspirations, we can foster a sense of harmony and fulfillment that transcends the boundaries of mere design."

In a world inundated with directives on what to wear and how our homes should look, my mission is to empower clients to put on their blinders and truly connect with their space and, ultimately, with themselves.