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Where Design and Wellness Meet

At Allie Lauren Design, we blend the art of interior aesthetics with the science of well-being to curate spaces that are not just seen but felt. Our empathetic and intentional design approach transforms your environment into a sanctuary for meaningful living.

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Who we are
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I'm Allie, the founder and lead designer.

I'm passionate about creating environments that not only captivate the eye but also nurture the soul. My purpose in this life is to help others thrive by creating beauty and happiness in their everyday lives. Our philosophy revolves around harmonizing your physical surroundings with your mental and emotional well-being.

Each design is intentional, aiming to create a sanctuary that rejuvenates, inspires, and uplifts.

Meet Allie
Our values


Our design process begins with deeply exploring your personal or brand's core values. Through in-depth consultations and thoughtful conversations, we delve into what matters most to you, uncovering the guiding principles that will shape the design of your space.


With a clear understanding of your core values, we work closely with you to define design principles that reflect your unique identity and vision. Whether it's sustainability, creativity, community, or authenticity, we translate your values into tangible design concepts that will guide every aspect of the project.


Armed with a solid foundation of core values and design principles, our team brings your vision to life. We collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that the design aligns seamlessly with your values and exceeds your expectations.


We manage every aspect of your project to ensure the final result embodies your core values. From using sustainable materials and supporting local artisans to designing spaces that promote well-being, we diligently realize your vision while enriching your life.

At ALD, we create beautiful, meaningful spaces that reflect your values in every aspect of the design. Our goal is to craft environments that inspire and uplift, empowering you to live your best life. Ready to start your journey of design and self-discovery? Let's begin together.

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OuR services

Full-Service Wellness Interior Design

Elevate your surroundings, rejuvenate your spirit – welcome to a space where wellness meets design excellence.
Each design element is meticulously selected to align with your unique lifestyle, preferences, and wellness objectives.
Experience the transformative impact of a space designed not just for aesthetics but for the enhancement of your overall well-being.

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Wellness Workspace Design

Tailored for businesses and professional environments, this service focuses on creating workspaces that prioritizes well-being and productivity. We consider your specific work flow, business goals, and current processes to allow for and optimized workspace. We dedicate significant attention to understanding your brand, ensuring a meticulous integration of the company's identity and values into the design, creating a cohesive and inspiring workspace that reflects the organization's culture.

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Room Revamp

Introducing our Wellness Room Revamp and Organizational Service – a transformative experience curated to breathe new life into your personal sanctuary while fostering an organized and harmonious atmosphere.
Revitalize your space, declutter your mind – welcome to a room that not only mirrors your style but nurtures your well-being. We meticulously curate each element of your personal sanctuary, merging aesthetic appeal with functional organization to create a harmonious environment tailored to your needs.

Say goodbye to clutter and chaos as we work alongside you to streamline your space. If you'd like to add a bit of design to the process, we offer design services and a sourcing list so you can see your space come to fruition. We love to help our clients create spaces that feel like sanctuaries of health and happiness.

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Why Choose Us

Brand Integration

Our designs do more than fill a room; they embody your values and vision.We integrate your personal or business brand into the space, ensuring the interior design truly reflects you.

Patient-Centered Approach

With a background in dental hygiene, we have a unique patient-centered perspective that informs our design choices, ensuring comfort and care are at the forefront. This is especially beneficial for businesses in the dental and wellness sectors.

Functional Design

We don't just create spaces that look good; we design them to feel good and work efficiently. Our functional designs are tailored to improve your lifestyle and workflow, marrying form with function.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Every design choice is aimed at enhancing the experience of those who enter your space. We create environments that leave lasting impressions and foster positive interactions.


Hear from those who have experienced the transformative power of wellness-focused interior design

“They totally transformed our place”

Allie Lauren Designs redefined our dental clinic’s space. Our patients often comment on how calm and welcomed they feel.

- Dr. Smith
Smile Dental

“The best interior design firm”

Our home has become a sanctuary. Allie’s touch has brought peace and beauty into every corner.

The Johnsons
Mindful Home Clients
Our process

A Collaborative Design Journey

Embark on a transformative journey with us through our meticulous process, meticulously designed to cater to your unique needs and aspirations.



Together, we delve into your vision, aspirations, and requirements, laying the foundation for a personalized design journey.



Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we breathe life into your ideas, infusing intentionality and innovation into every concept.


Design Development

With your active involvement, we meticulously craft each detail, ensuring that every element aligns seamlessly with your vision and objectives.


Feedback & Iteration

Your input is invaluable. We eagerly listen to your feedback, iterating and refining until every aspect reflects your distinct essence.


Finalization & Implementation

As we approach the culmination of our journey, we ensure that every detail is meticulously curated, ready to unveil the masterpiece of wellness design tailored uniquely for you.

Ready to embark on your wellness design journey?

Don't hesitate. Seize the opportunity to schedule your complimentary consultation today. Let's embark on a transformative collaboration together. Click below to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards realizing your design dreams.

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